The SMS V8-G Octal Tube Preamp is a very powerful tone machine that is built on the ideas of circuit minimalism and component quality. The V8 finds its inspiration from various tube circuits from the '50s and '60s. The octal (8-pin) preamp tubes were used extensively in the 40's and into the '50s, but they largely lost their popularity to the advent of the "noval" (9-pin) tubes of the mid-50's. Some guitar companies continued to use the octals thru the '60s, but eventually most everyone moved over to the smaller, cheaper 9-pin tubes like the 12AX7 and others.

The V8-G preamp uses a classic "tone-stack" type EQ as found in many classic amplifiers of the '60s and later. It's a time-proven EQ design that is extremely flexible and guitar-friendly. We take the classic tone-stack and make a few tweaks of our own and utilize ultra high grade components to maximize the tone quality and have the ideal signal path for your instrument, whether it be guitar, pedal steel guitar, bass guitar, etc.

The V8-G preamp is not designed for overdrive. It's a clean-machine to the extreme. It has very high head room and very low harmonic distortion. The octal tubes have an especially "clean" quality to them as well. If you're needing drive and grit, you'll need to use your favorite pedals to achieve that, and let the V8 deliver it faithfully on toward the amplifier.

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