The SMS Earth Drive is a very natural and versatile boost/overdrive pedal. It is designed to keep your guitar's natural character intact while letting you dial in a wide range of overdrive all the way from a clean boost to a very smooth and sustained clipping. The tone control can help you take some of that glass off the top of a bright pickup and/or overly clean amp. It's great for creating a natural amp-like push and feel at any volume. It works great for slide and steel guitar. It also works for bass guitar as it retains more low frequency energy than many overdrive pedals. It's the ideal pedal for helping to warm and fatten up a single coil pickup guitar going into a loud and clean amp.

AUDIO SAMPLES: Thanks to Gary Hunt and Randy Beavers, we now have multiple audio samples of our new Earth Drive pedal. We invite you to give a listen and hear what it does for both electric guitar and pedal steel guitar.
Audio Samples for PEDAL STEEL GUITAR:
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